February 5, 2019

Sundanese wedding ceremony consists of some rituals which are quite complicated for some people. These rituals have meaningful symbol for marriage life of the groom and bride. Each ritual requires different decoration and accessories. In having Sundanese wedding ceremony, it is more recommended for you to hire Sundanese wedding decoration services. The wedding service will provide any decoration and equipment which are required for each ritual.

Symbols that meet its meaning; A Guide To Sundanese Wedding Decoration Services

Before choosing any Sundanese wedding decoration services, you might want to know some common practices of traditional Sundanese wedding ceremony. Sundanese wedding includes the welcoming bridegroom ceremony and wedding ceremony. For welcoming the bridegroom ceremony, some decorations are needed; such as umbul-umbul, candles, flowers, umbrella, and much more.

Umbul-umbul is the indicator where the ceremony is going on. It also symbolizes good fortune for the bridegroom. Flower is common decoration for wedding ceremony. For the Sundanese wedding itself, the flower is not displayed as the decoration, but it is also showered. You should know that all decorations have meaning. For example, keris has hidden message for the son-in-law.  It means that he should not to disheartened while working for his family.

For the wedding ceremony, there are other rituals. The rituals are including Sawer, Nincak Endog, Buka Pintu, Huap Lingkung, and Patarik-Tarik Bakakak. Sawer ceremony is done in front of the sawer or gargoyle where the water is flowing.  The flowing is indicating the flow of priceless parental love for children. The couple then showers with sawer; including turmeric rice, coins, candy, and betel nut.

Why do you need Sundanese Wedding Decoration Services?

If you are having Sundanese wedding ceremony, it is more recommended for you to hire Sundanese wedding decoration services. The main reason is because preparing all decorations are complicated and some decorations are quite difficult to get unless to those who have already known where to get it. Getting the help from the wedding decoration service is a wise decision, since preparing the wedding is quite tiring and difficult. The organizers will handle all the decorations, so you don’t need to be worried about other stuffs. The couple also can learn about the ceremony rituals from the people from the services.

In finding the best Sundanese wedding decoration services, it is recommended for you to hire the organizers which you have already known about their working result. For example, you come to your friend’s wedding and you have seen the result of the decoration. If you are interested, you can ask your friend for further information. Some organizers also promote their agency through the pamphlets which are usually available in the wedding ceremony itself

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