February 5, 2019

Finding Javanese wedding decoration services is not difficult thing to do. The main reason is because there are many wedding organizers which offer this service. Many people are interested in Javanese wedding, since it offers sacral atmosphere. If you are new in Javanese wedding theme, you should be surprised, since the Javanese wedding is quite complicated.

Panggih or Temu’s Ceremony of Javanese Wedding

In having the Javanese wedding ceremony, the groom and the bride must pass the traditional sacred Panggih or Temu which means meeting between them. The ceremony usually takes places in the house of the bride’s parents. It is known in Javanese culture, the bride parents are the one who organizes the marriage ceremony. The house’s gate will be decorated with Tarub. The Tarub decoration consists of Tuwuhan or various plants and leaves. Those plants are chosen as the symbolic meanings. The first plant is 2 banana trees which has stem of ripe bananas. It symbolizes the husband to be good leader of the family in the society. Another symbol is the home for the couple to be like banana trees where they can grow well easily anywhere.

Decoration with meaningful symbols

The decoration is also using tebu wulung or reddish sugar cane which symbolizes that the couple can build the family with sincere heart. It is also with the hope and determination for the couple for not to give up about the family’s life. When you are using Javanese wedding decoration services, you do not need to worry, since the organizers will help you to understand each symbol and meaning behind the decoration. The gate decoration is not the only aspect which should be available.

Variety of Javanesse Wedding Ritual

Javanese wedding consists of various rituals where each ritual has different meaning. Those rituals are including The Ritual of Wiji DADI, The Ritual of KACAR KUCUR or Tampa KAYA, The Ritual of DAHAR KLIMAH or DAHAR KEMBUL, Mertui, Sungkeman, and other rituals.

For your information, each ritual will need different decoration and accessories. If you want to have Javanese wedding ceremony, it is more recommended for you to hire Javanese wedding decoration services. The organizers will prepare every items, since those are very complicated and it will be hard to be done by you and your family only.

Javanese wedding decoration services do not only serve the decoration for the wedding venue, the dress for the bride and groom, and also for the kembar mayang (the bridesmaid). The organizers will also offer the service to prepare all the necessaries for the wedding ceremony process.

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